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Hi, I'm Ibekwe Emmanuel, and I'm the digital marketing Consultant/Trainer specifically for medium and small-scale businesses looking to learn how to solidify their presence online.

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In this digital age, it's becoming a must for businesses to have a strong online presence. Problem is, most businesses equate being online to having a social media page. But it's way more than well designed social media pages. It covers a whole lot more than just social pages that look good.

That's why my favorite clients are medium level service-oriented companies with sales agents looking to increase their joint brand value to boost sales and more, medium level sales or products-oriented companies looking to train their sales staff or merchants on how they can individually build the overall brand of the company by building their personal profiles.

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Also, I love working with medium level retail stores in the B2B space looking to use the online space to reach more businesses.

Those in the small-scale service industry are not exempted from the many ways there are to get online and stay relevant online.

Finally, the traditional businesses - the brick-and-mortar store that does not understand what digital can do for them and the online vendor or someone who sells from home? Yes - I'm here for you all.

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In less than a decade, Emmanuel Ibekwe has successfully trained over;

- 5000 clients under the first digital agency he worked with.

- 1000 business persons under the Grow with Google program.

- Trained Top CEOs and their staff as a private trainer.

- 15000 persons in the US/UK/Euro map zones with courses created on Coursera.

Something worth noting is the demography of persons trained – they were usually entrepreneurs in not so regular fields spread over many sectors.

The scope of the training was created to cater to anyone who was looking to advance from point 0.

The training always had them leaving with clarity on what’s next.

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